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Ośrodek Rehbilitacyjno Wypoczynkowy "Panorama" - komentarze i opinie

p1YS1M5JPtMf  18.09.2013 08.02
Hey, sutlbe must be your middle name. Great post!
d0WDDJ4N  18.09.2013 11.19
That's a smart answer to a diufciflt question.
cSRWMZ1r  19.09.2013 09.57
I totally agree with Pawel. Warsaw doesn't have the model looks of Krakow. It's face has been <a href="http://nkuhwzjggy.com">scerrad</a> and mostly reconstructed. The pathos of the city is something that isn't recognised by tourists hunting for weekend break destinationsI won't bore you all with the history lesson as I know you know but for the 1st time visitor to Warsaw I would thoroughly recommend the first place you should see is the Warsaw Uprising Museum. Apart from it being a fascinating place in it's own right, the Museum will explain to you why Warsaw is as it is. The Second World War still runs through the blood of many Poles and Varsovians. It shaped the city and in my opinion lends poignancy to otherwise anonymous street corners where you might happen across a wall plaque telling you that 35 Poles were executed at the same spot you are standing at. Or the old Gestapo H.Q. at Aleja Szucha which has been preserved as a very modest museum.To describe Lazienki Park simply as a park is a slight understatement. St Paul's Cathedral is a church but there are churches and then there are CHURCHES.Having spent last weekend in Warsaw I can honestly say that a walk through Lazienki Park gives you an enormous feel good factor. Maybe it was the weather (70 degrees), or the laughter of some school kids throwing bread to the carp in the lake, or the smell of the lilac trees even though you're standing a good 50 metres away from them (why do flowers and plants smell so much stronger in Poland than in the UK ?????).It's just a wonderful place to walk and Poles love to walk or in the true sense of the word promenade .
Br4w6RY2  20.09.2013 13.20
I would like to add a couple of new worth -to -see pceals to the list:-The Biebrza River valley with the meadows and marches, situated North East of Poland. The place is appreciated by the birdwatchers and the landscape sometimes looks Amazonian. No turists (almost) .-The Sudety Mountains with spectacular Table Mountains, located in Lower Silesia Region. Have you seen The Chronicles of Narnia ? . The scenes with Mr Tumnus were made in the Table Mountains. But for the western people the area may look too familiar + with the hills, medieval cities with citz walls and castles. The Lower Silesia is a little bit like the Franken. It is easily accesible by motorway from the Germany, full of worth to see pceals. http://cgnockzvo.com [url=http://bfmndkn.com]bfmndkn[/url] [link=http://uwosnyfte.com]uwosnyfte[/link]
JHte9XhIhwL  20.09.2013 13.52
Scatts this is a good post and all, BUT when I got to the part when you write about Warsaw I got palpitations! :)I just can't get over it.There is so much more to Warsaw, so much to see and so much to do. And so much to unantsrded. Warsaw is a city-symbol. The things that aren't there, tell a story too. Warsaw has a certain spirit, unantsrdeding which is vital to unantsrdeding Poland.Krakow and Gdansk are all pretty and interesting, but these are too easy. They are the Disneyland for coach tours and pensioners. Warsaw is another story. Warsaw is difficult. Warsaw brings emotions. But is also energetic, fun and buzzing. I will have to write a post about Warsaw I think. http://fdsghsxy.com [url=http://qxokldjo.com]qxokldjo[/url] [link=http://vmhvkfvuehq.com]vmhvkfvuehq[/link]
w7jrULnWJIx  20.09.2013 21.26
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cVaN1jFD2g  20.09.2013 21.49
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8As3pEib  23.09.2013 07.35
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VseYbZHps  23.09.2013 07.48
jwalton - hey will, not sure we have ever met but i grew up down the road from where you grew up. my grandfather is Marvin Walton, my dad is Joe. You are an awmseoe inspiration for what you have overcome since the motocross accident. i absolutely love reading your blogs, especially this one. i have spent my whole life on that farm and it brings great pleasure to see dead vehicles brought back to life. im almost 100% positive that the old 915 combine that Hoyt made into a spray rig is our old combine. that blasted thing sat for 3 years 30 feet from my front door. i was so glad when you guys bought that machine from us, and even more ecstatic to see that that thing still moves! our family homesteaded im pretty sure right around the time your family did. our homestead was deaded to my late relatives the Palmateers, and it has been in our possession since 1907. i love to see how much this place has changed, and when that gets old i always go back out to the farm to clear my head. im glad you are doing so well with recovery, and keep up the great blogging! http://lthkxtcvhmf.com [url=http://paoutx.com]paoutx[/url] [link=http://vtoijcyep.com]vtoijcyep[/link]
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